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Onebridge is a health analytics and data consulting firm serving some of the largest healthcare entities in the U.S. for over 14 years. Privately owned in Indianapolis, we have more than 400 professional consultants deployed across the country.

We work with payers, providers, regulators, and life-science organizations to harness the power of data for improving outcomes, reducing risk, and forecasting changes.

Our team of experienced consultants is platform-agnostic and works with your organization to start where you are today and move forward with custom-tailored health data analytics and population health management solutions.

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Thoughtful Solutions

Every organization is unique, with its own population to manage and its own tech and business challenges to overcome. Out-of-the-box solutions seldom work for modern-day healthcare data challenges.

Onebridge brings years of expertise in industry-leading technology to tailor custom solutions for your unique needs and goals.

Faster Time-to-Value

Our agile approach to solution design and development means we can identify “low hanging fruit” opportunities to implement and demonstrate value quickly and incrementally.

This helps build momentum and buy-in throughout your organization, rather than drag everyone through a year(s) long project to see results.

Direct Support

Our delivery model connects the client and their solution team directly. We don’t offshore any of our resources.

We guide clients through the cultural transformation necessary to get tangible results. This transformation forms foundational values to create an environment that allows a value-based organization to flourish and thrive.

Population Health Management

Population Health Management is first and foremost about improving outcomes. While analytics alone won't improve outcomes for a population, Onebridge can help you better understand what's happening through in-depth analysis and integration of clinical data, financial data, and operational performance data. All this enables better decision making, which leads to better outcomes.

A strong analytics strategy for healthcare organizations is also an essential step towards understanding and improving patient engagement and managing value-based care requirements of MIPS and APM programs. A reliable data governance program and data strategy can help your organization find clear answers to questions like: Download our Guide to Data-Driven Population Health Management to better understand what you should prepare for, and how we help organizations like yours navigate the data-driven transformation process.

  • What are the bottlenecks that prevent doctors from seeing more patients in our expanding practice?
  • How can we better organize the doctor's day so that he/she can spend optimal time with patients?
  • What is the correct balance between doctors, PAs, and NPs for each of our community health clinics?
  • Can patient data be used to prompt patients to schedule tests and checkups that are needed based on their age and other factors in their health records?

Download our Guide to Data-Driven Population Health Management to better understand what you should prepare for, and how we help organizations like yours navigate the data-driven transformation process.

Download Our Guide to Data-Driven Population Health Management

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Our Capabilities

Instead of forcing you to fit your organization and processes into a pre-built software package, Onebridge uses a variety of expertise in industry leading technology to tailor a solution that works best for you, starting where you are at today.

Tableau Partner
We know Tableau inside and out. Our Tableau consulting goes beyond the basics to empower your business users to become Tableau experts themselves.

Power BI Partner
The Power BI platform offers so much flexibility and customization that many users never realize the full benefits. Our developers ensure that your business users get all the features and integrations they need.

Snowflake Partner
We’re also a Solutions Partner with Snowflake, the data warehouse built for the cloud. Together, Tableau and Snowflake offer powerful scalability and integration. Onebridge has more certified Snowflake architects than any other firm in Indy

Example Insights and Visualizations

Help Requests for Medicare Prescription Drug Costs
Enrollment by Aid Category

Risk Management Solutions

Healthcare costs are rising. To successfully manage spend, you need the ability to pinpoint high-risk patients who may need interventions or proactive care. In October 2019, Medicare cut payments to 2,583 hospitals (or 83% of general hospitals evaluated) due to 30-day readmission penalties, costing those hospitals an estimated $563 million for the year.These penalties are a growing trend resulting from the HRRP’s efforts to link insurance payments to the quality of hospital care. To stay ahead of this trend and reduce 30-day readmissions, you need a clear view of your financial situation and a thorough understanding of your population's primary healthcare challenges. This knowledge opens the door to predicting future spend and optimizing forecasting, making a significant impact on your bottom line and helping you improve care and outcomes for the patients who need it most.

Fraud Prevention

Each year, billions of dollars are diverted from patient care because of fraud. To control costs and protect against fraudulent claims, you need to arm your business with key risk indicators that detect suspicious activity before you waste money on false claims.

Improving Patient Engagement

Motivating patients to improve their health can be a major challenge for healthcare professionals yet has a positive impact on patient outcomes. Connecting with patients to understand their experience and ensure continuity of care is vital. Organizations can offer targeted outreach to remind them about preventative needs, offer more convenient appointment scheduling, and even remind them to take their medicine. These engagements are a great way to make patient data more actionable and valuable to providers and patients alike.According to the National Partnership for Women & Families, about 80% of patients who have access to their own EHRs actually use that health information. And the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services has found that texting patients can increase medication adherence for chronic disease from 50% to 67.8%, a 17.8% overall increase. These methods work.Every time a patient trusts you with their care, you have an opportunity to differentiate your organization as a leading provider. Patient engagement goes hand-in-hand with patient satisfaction. Using data to ensure the patient never feels the need to switch providers is vital to the longevity of your business and will keep your organization top of mind whenever services are needed.

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